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June 29, 2012


Deborah Allen

In the business world, "Winning by sharing" might not being adopted for them to continuously compete to the other leading companies. These BIG WIGS, who are the CEOs of Companies, are making good competition in the business world and I am hopeful that they are doing this in the line of good business ethics. We all know that when we are doing damaging on the part of other competitive companies, there is lowering on the credibility of our business to the eyes of humanity.

Cadogan Ellington

'Winning by sharing' is I think a good virtue to be practiced by the business, people, politicians and the like. This could be the key for understanding and a good sharing of knowledge, skills and wealth.

Knauss Nolen

In this very competitive world this winning by sharing is no longer the practice nowadays especially in terms of business.

Koffler Higgs

In this very competitive world. This winning by sharing is no longer the practice especially in terms of business.

Knauss Nolen

There is nothing more than good for sharing.

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