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April 14, 2012



Nicely put - although I would go further and suggest there is another step missing from the graphic. We are only at the beginning of the social manifestation in any large way in my view. A truly social business, or perhaps the next step on from a social business to a "normal business of the future", once we are past all the social hype, will be one entity - one ecosystem where customers, employees, potential employees and potential customers all freely interact - not two as indicated above.

Have you read the starfish and the spider? Great book and relates well to your social business, can you handle it post where you refer to the power fo peer to peer organisations.


Thank you for your kind words Gareth. To your point about 'ecosystem'.

“Imagine organizations in which most workers aren’t employees at all, but electronically connected freelancers living wherever they want to. And imagine that all this freedom in business lets people get more of whatever they really want in life – money, interesting work, the chance to help others, or time with their families.”

Thomas Malone, The future of work

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