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July 24, 2011


Russell Davison

I found your comment about super-connectors being more influential than board members very interesting. I’ve been witnessing the behaviour of super-connectors within SMEs of 30 people to MNCs of 85000 people since the late 1970s. The official position within the organisation for a super-connector can be office cleaner, mailroom boy, data entry clerk or IT technician. Never anything more responsible than supervisor. However, the super-connector has informal access to key personnel at all levels within the organisation through methods too numerous to list. They are gifted at communication and are able to influence the outcome of decisions of prominent company leaders.


Totally Agree. Super connectors come from the most unlikely sources, for example:

"Mapped out on the screen, the story became clear: The medical community was actually divided into two sub-networks split apparently by ethnicity, with one sub-network dominated by physicians with mostly Asian names and the other with mostly European names.

Connecting the two, like a spider suspended on a thread between two webs, was the dot for Physician No. 184 - a doctor the company's marketing department and salespeople barely knew"


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Great article. I found this very easy to understand how the power of social media and marketing techniques.


Thank you for your kind words.

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