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January 16, 2011



Leon, I'm documenting "ways of figuring things out" and how they're used in real life. Your post above includes two great examples that I've jotted down: "Comparison Matrix" http://www.selflearners.net/Notes/ComparisonMatrix and "Rephrasing a Question to Get Response" http://www.selflearners.net/Notes/RephraseAQuestionToGetResponse

I've made a list of more than 200 ways that I've figured things out in my philosophy and my life: http://www.selflearners.net/ways/ I've sketched a theory of how they all fit together http://www.selflearners.net/Theory I want to find innovators, individuals and businesses, to contribute money so that I could document hundreds of more ways specific to business, medicine, science, engineering, finance, law, math, agriculture, fashion, cooking and many other domains. I've written a proposal: http://www.selflearners.net/Business/Proposal I appreciate your help that I succeed!

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