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March 01, 2008


David Petherick

Leon, I think Ecademy is unique, and the value I saw in it back in January 2006 was such that I did not hesitate to pay from Day 1.

The simple fact of knowing that those you encounter there also place a value on their participation makes it more valuable and focused - in simple terms, you know that neither of you is there to waste time - but rather to make more of it.

The unique power Ecademy has is that it has an ethos where the money (business) is secondary to the people (relationships) and so one finds that by concentrating on the relationships with people, the money from business follows, as and when the relationships are right.

Ecademy also has tools that means smaller clusters can form but still stay within its domain (literally and metaphysically) through its Clubs features, and fractional work with virtual teams is easy to engender - it also has excellent tools to allow people to administrate and monetise these groups with paid memberships that are fiscally independent of Ecademy.

Ecademy has recognised that they can serve the small and micro-business owner with a social and business community to learn and trade within, and it also successfully blends online and offline networking in a growing geographical footprint that already covers over 200 countries.

Ecademy's secret is that they have realised that command and control doesn't work in a network - Conversation, Relationships and the Meeting of different individuals and ideas does. It's what Thomas Power called the new CRM writing yesterday in Ecademy: http://www.ecademy.com/node.php?id=99890

Thank you for your thought-provoking insights, Leon.

Regards, David

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