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February 24, 2007



Leon, you'd likely have noticed the same critical issues happening at traditional freelance marketplaces just like jobs markeplaces -- the available microjobs and jobs respectively, are only enough to cater about 10% of the seekers/service providers, meaning that more than 90% of the seekers will never get any assignment/job at all! (considering that several providers will get more than one job).

I have some ideas on how we might be able solve this critical problem, but I'd like to hear first on what you think we (people, marketplace operators, corporations/govt) should do...

Do you think that it'll be sufficient if the govt and corporate help by outsourcing the bulk of their work to these networked workers?


MarketRaise Corp. is an American based company that employs a large number of High Skilled IT staff that are ready to work for you. We offer a wide range of hourly rates which allow you to pick a pricing structure within your budget range. We provide the user with a project chart that allows you to track your employee and or project daily with a breakdown of hourly and daily work that has been completed. Click below to find out which package best fits your needs and requirements.
Why choose MarketRaise compared to ordinary job sites and freelance / bidding sites?
-Choose a pricing structure that best fits your budget
-Have total control over your employee(s)
-Feel secure that a NY, American Based company will be handling your work
-Feel secure that a company not a freelancer is taking care of your work.
-You can always pick up the phone and call us toll free.
-Monitor and track your worker and or project with our daily tracking and reporting system.
-Your employee will never have a day off because we have other workers on stand by to fill in
-Your work will get done because you are dealing with MarketRaise
-Acquire a high skilled employee within 5 minutes to start working for you immediately.
-You will always know the employees fees and qualifications before hiring

All clients will be provided with their own login information so that they can login to our project tracking system. This will allow you to view a breakdown of ours worked per day, view enclosed documents with links to work that has been completed, reduce the amount of back and forth emails, organize all work and documents under one roof and manage everything at your finger tips. Our project chart tracking system also records all data by date as well so that the user can go back and reference any previous day, week or month that they would like.


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