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October 29, 2006


Diane Corriette

It was great reading this blog post. People often ask me why I am running a women only site and not a mixed one. It was never more than a personal choice, but I always knew it was because of the sharing and giving aspect of women. I never thought that online communities may actually bring out these feminine qualities in everyone, men included!


Leon - great article. Thanks for pointing it out. As a mother of two, I can tell you with certainty that I really go out of my way to care for my children and am restless at this never ending job.

If I gave "birth" to something at my work (for example, a project or an idea that my team generated), then I would behave in the same fashion as at home - I would be relentless at making it succeed. I would not fight for it, I would nurture it.

Also note - women ask for directions, and men don't. It's only natural that social networking is more about women who are not afraid to ask. It's just in our nature :)

Thanks again


Thank you both for your rich feedback. In my experience, women make people feel strong and connected, much more so than men.

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