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October 21, 2006


Kevin Jones

thanks for the mention. there really is a new wave forming. love to know more about what you do, talk some time.

David Farias

We could not agree more with your thoughts that to win you need to share. We have developed a collaborative lending platform that will allow people to do just that. FYGO, the company I founded allows individuals to form trusted lending networks that can be tapped when a need arises. This could be an emergency or to start a small busienss. People can earn interest or can lend for free if they wish. We are firm believers that the best deal a person is going to get in Finance is from someone they know and trust. If you get a chance, please go to www.fygo.com.

kevin Jones

David, I like your thinking. I'm curious how you are different from Prosper.com

kevin Jones

David i find your thinking interesting. how do you distinguish yourself from zopa and prosper, which are exceedingly well backed, financially.
here is zopa's map, which links to you and to prosper's map.

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